Success of communication

By assumption we all know how to communicate with each other. We tend to believe that if we are skillful enough to buy bread then we will be brilliant when it comes to negotiating a contract or managing a team when there is absolutely no reason to think so. No mather how well you cope with ‘hard’ skills without good interpersonal communication skills your success is in doubt.

Productivity through communication

Without further delay I would like to present what coach gurus from Be My Career Coach say about work success through interpersonal communication skills.

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From Be My Career Coach

Work-life balance

You may say that it is not your desire to progress with your communication skills in work environment but there are areas in life that most of us should be skilled and developed and that is your personal life. If you are looking forward to spend even entire life with you significant other then you may consider what specialists in matrimonial dialogue says.

Let’s start with a definition of dialogue itself. Wikipedia says:

Dialogue […] is a written or spoken conversational exchange between two or more people, and a literary and theatrical form that depicts such an exchange.

Above definition seems a little bit flattened to the point of exchange of informations or point of view without any deeper meaning. There is not a word about self improvement. On the other hand DialogInstitute defines dialogue as:

Dialogue […] is a conversation on a common subject between people with differing views undertaken so that they can learn from one another and grow.

Rules of good dialogue

On the premarital preparations[1] we have learned that good and effective dialogue in your familiy is not easy and we need to learn how to do it. We have learned that with couple of rules in mind you can discover how to deepen your relationship and learn new things about each other.

1. Priority of listening before speaking

Are a good listener? What is your opinion and what others say about your listening skills?

2. Sharing before discussing

When she tells you about her problem she doesn’t immediatly wants you to solve it. When he tells you that there is nothing to tell about his day at work it means that he wants you to listen and show compassion. There is no need for comments.

3. Understanding before judging

If you haven’t yet seen movie The Shack then I will highly recommend. There is one scene where protagonist Mac learnes about the power of judging and how easy it is to prejudge a person over their actions without context or history.

4. Forgiveness

The more you know somebody the more vulnerable you become to each other. The more you know the deeper you can hurt them. Without forgiveness your heart is growing in darkness of anger and hate. Will you eat food that has been spoiled? Why to take and store spoiled feelings?

Action items

For now there will be only one action item: